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Insulation and Ceiling Strategies

More than just an appearance based choice, basement insulation seals a major deal protecting, controlling air quality, moisture and a handful of other benefits.

Basement ceilings in another way, are great to style, illuminate and play from a rustic ambient to a modern and bright environment, setting up the desired atmosphere.

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Basement Insulation and Ceiling

A mixture of elegance, comfort, durability and efficiency. Plank, titled, carpeted, thermal dry and more.

Get basement finish ideas with experienced contractors. Understand the benefits and the right option for a long life basement flooring in your basement.

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Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.


Basement Windows

Preparing exterior for possible windows placement, selecting appropriate windows, installing them right is necessary to protect the investment of a finished basement.

Our team can take care of complex windows and doors installation in a basement, using the egress window for more natural light in. Basement windows cover is also installed in the process, heavy duty material for the best results.

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Tips on dehumidifier for basement

Portable residential units are great options for basements. The consideration is towards using it at constant rates, which could make smaller types less efficient.

To get more in sizing and coverage, there’s a list of considered great dehumidifiers in 2020 here. Other than getting too specific, our team can recommend great solutions that will work as needed.

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